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Commercial Water Heating Systems

What is a Rinnai Manifold Pack?

A Rinnai Manifold Pack consists No. of . Infinity continuous flow water heaters

plumbed together to allow higher flow rates than a single unit can provide.

What are the key features?

  •  Outlet temperature is preset and remains constant, even when the flow varies
  • Peak flow rate cannot be exceeded
  • No flow = no gas consumption
  • No wasteful pilot lights
  • Usually used for dead leg type installations, however ringmain pumps can be fitted if required*

*Continuous flow water heaters used on flow and return ringmain systems must have correct pipe and

pump selection. For further information, please contact your Rinnai Commercial Representative.

What are some suitable applications?

Applications include (with suggested temperatures):

  • Sporting Club Change Rooms - temperature set at 42 °C or 50 °C
  • Shower Blocks in Caravan Park - temperature set at 42 °C or 50 °C
  • Cafés, Restaurants and Pubs - temperatures set at 65 °C
  • Hot Water Hoses and Manufacturing Processes - temperature set at 75 °C or 85 °C

What will the SYSTEM offer your application?

Energy savings, as there are no tank heat losses, pilot light and the system only uses gas when in operation.

Endless hot water for applications where there is a pack demand for only a few hours and then either low or no demand for hours, days or weeks at a time.

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