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Top Water-Resistant Flooring for Your Bathroom

[:en]Consider These Water-Resistant Floors for Your Bathroom

When it comes to avoiding spills, the bathroom can be your biggest challenge. But what can be even more challenging is trying to find a floor for your bathroom that’s not only water-resistant but matches your style as well. Fortunately, Pergo offers two laminate floor options designed to take on life’s daily splashes and spills while still maintaining its beauty.

Worry Less with Outlast+

Available exclusively at The Home Depot, Pergo Outlast+ sets the standard for what a laminate floor should be: water-resistant and beautiful. Featuring SpillProtect24™ technology, this laminate floor can withstand household spills for up to 24 hours. That means as long as you clean up any spills within the first 24 hours, there’s no need to worry about warping or other potential water damage to your floor.

In addition to its water-resistant technology, Outlast+ also features SurfaceDefense wear protection to defend against all the wear and tear your bathroom sees on a daily basis. So, there’s no need to grimace every time you drop a curling iron or brush like you do on ceramic.


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[:en]So. Many. Styles.

Featuring a variety of gorgeous colors, textures and finishes, Outlast+ has your personal style covered. From Antique Cherry to Vintage Pewter Oak to matte to gloss finishes, there’s an array of looks to match almost any bathroom style. For more information on choosing the right color and finish for your bathroom, visit the Pergo How To: Choose Your Perfect Floor section on our site.

Love Real Wood? You’ll Love Pergo TimberCraft

If you have your mind set on hardwood and think it will complement your bathroom best, then consider Pergo’s newest addition to the family – Pergo TimberCraft™ with WetProtect™ technology. While not actual hardwood, it’s Pergo’s most realistic laminate floor on the market with twice as many planks as ordinary hardwood and a deep embossed texture for added depth. Even your professional lumberjack would have a hard time telling it apart from the real thing.


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[:en]TimberCraft also features WetProtect™ technology for added 24-hour protection against splashes and spills, which makes it a prime candidate for the bathroom. That even includes pet accidents, so your furry pals can rest easy knowing they haven’t ruined your floor.

But what about accidents like nail polish spills? With TimberCraft’s ScratchGuard Advanced technology, each plank becomes scuff-, scratch- and stain-resistant. So no matter how big or small the accident, your floor can handle it. And just like Pergo Outlast+, Pergo TimberCraft™ comes in a variety of styles to match any décor.


Maintance Pergo Style

How to Decorate with Pantone’s Color of the Year 2018

Embrace the Ultra Violet: How to Decorate With Pantone’s Color of The Year 2018

If you haven’t heard yet—SPOILER ALERT—Pantone recently announced Ultra Violet as Pantone Color of the Year 2018. That’s right, the year of purple is upon us and now’s the time to start incorporating this “complex and contemplative” hue into your home. So how do you begin to decorate with a color that was once made famous by a singing dinosaur? Here are four ways.

Create a Muse

Whether it’s for your music or art studio, or even your child’s playroom, Ultra Violet is a welcome addition to any creative space with its soothing, inspiring glow. (It’s no wonder rock stars like Jimi Hendrix, Prince and J. Mascis have all been seen donning this purple.)

Start incorporating the color as an accent using picture frames and vases—anything that goes on the wall or sits on a desk. You could even add Ultra Violet colored Pedra coasters for a nice touch. The point is to start introducing the color in small doses without becoming overwhelmed. Once you do become acclimated to Ultra Violet’s awe-inspiring pop, then go big with an accent wall for the ultimate creative spark.

Be Dramatic

Are friends and family not paying attention to your style? Then show them your dramatic side by using the seductive power of Ultra Violet’s dark, moody tones. This color works great in small spaces like entryways or larger spaces like living rooms.

Unlike last year’s Color of the Year, Greenery, you don’t need many accent colors to balance out Ultra Violet’s hue, because it flourishes in oversaturated colors, such as dark leather and velvet. And if you have dark hardwood already installed, then capturing that regal look is even easier as it brings out more of Ultra Violet’s brooding tones.

Make a Splash

Since Ultra Violet is a contemplative color, it works well in a room where you prep for your day. That’s right—it’s a great choice for your bathroom. For a quick purple fix, add a matching shower curtain and a bath mat to bring out the creamy tones of your sink and cabinets. Voila! Instant Ultra Violet flare. The color also serves as a lovely complement to laminate flooring, especially with lighter shaded planks.

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But if being bold is part of your 2018 resolution, then painting your bathroom walls completely purple might just be the look for you. While it may be unconventional—which is probably what you’re after—covering the walls in purple will make a bathroom’s white baseboards really pop, which will have guests talking throughout the year.

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Add an Accent

Not only does Ultra Violet work as an eye-catching accent wall, it also works well used as accent furniture. Simply placing a single chair decked out in purple can make other colors really pop, especially neutral backdrops.  And instead of spending a fortune on new furniture, you could always refinish an older chair to capture a distressed Ultra Violet look for your living room or study, ensuing regal charm.

If purple furniture doesn’t fit your style, purple curtains might. Ultra Violet curtains are a great match for simple and modern furniture. It accentuates lighter colors without becoming too overbearing. Plus, it gives you a stylish look without saying “Hey, look at me!”.

Don’t be intimidated by Ultra Violet’s past—it’s a gorgeous color that can be used in just about any setting depending on your color palette. With minimal rearranging and a few strokes of the brush, welcoming Ultra Violet into your home might be your best décor decision yet.

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[:en]Top Flooring Trends For 2018: Find The Trend That Matches Your Style[:]

 Just like the fashion industry, trends come and go in the world of flooring. This year, there have already been some buzzworthy styles making ripples from showrooms to homes everywhere. The following trends in particular stand out as some “hot” choices to keep in mind as you consider a renovation or new home design. But as you shop, remember, there are floors that fulfill style needs without skipping more practical considerations such as water resistance and durablity. Let’s take a look:
Emerging as a popular trend over the last year, gray wood floors have become a beautifully clean option particularly in modern houses. What gray lacks in warmth, it makes up for in sophistication. It’s become a refreshing go-to base color, pairing beautifully with an array of color palettes and design styles. We think gray’s versatility is here to stay. One of our favorite examples is Anchor Grey Oak, which has a blend of sterling and putty shades with a textured surface, pressed bevel edges and a medium gloss finish.


Embrace Your Dark Side

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Darker, cooler tones have been on the rise for a few years. Extra-dark, in some cases ebony-stained floors are an awesome pairing with lighter-colored walls, vibrantly colored rugs and rooms with abundant natural light. The contrast of deep oak to a warm, well-designed interior adds a touch of elegance to open living spaces. The results can often be quite stunning. One beautiful example is Gatehouse Oak, a stunning European oak decor in a smoky coffee color withnaturally distressed surfaces. Also consider Cliffside Oak, featuring a blend of coffee and brown tones with a strong oak grain, textured surface, pressed bevel edges and a low gloss finish.

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Get the Distressed Look

The rustic charm of distressed wood flooring is certainly a trend worth checking out, especially for its versatility. An ideal floor choice for both traditional and modern homes, the new styles of “distressed” flooring are obviously much less finicky than actual reclaimed wood, which can be very high-maintenance and expensive to install yourself since the gaps between the planks can be very tricky to align together. If you fancy this style, check out Valley Grove Oak, a classic wide antiqued oak floor featuring natural distressed edge character with an authentic wood grain feel.

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Answer Nature’s Call

Here’s a trend inspired by the outdoors. Some Pergo laminate flooring look so much like real hardwood, we may even go so far to dare you to tell the difference. Embedded with innovative technology like UltraDef™, Pergo TimberCraft highlights every feature with dazzling clarity and beautiful finish. With twice the number of unique planks, this laminate feels virtually indistinguishable from real hardwood. You can create an authentic look and feel, harkening back to when builders would use every part of the tree. Where to start? For the aged custom-vintage floor look, featuring various width boards with artisan chiseled edges and a rich handscraped texture, look no further than South Haven Oak.


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